Green Team vans at a client's gardenThe Green Team is a registered charity offering a not-for-profit gardening service to older and disabled people living in  Goole and the surrounding area.

Since 1998 the charity has worked to improve the quality of life of local people. We do this by offering:

  • A low cost garden maintenance service, offered to elderly and disabled residents living within a ten mile radius of Goole which assists individuals to maintain their gardens when they are unable to do so themselves, reducing their stress, improving the quality of their lives by enabling their enjoyment of their gardens, supporting their safety and independence.
  • Volunteering opportunities Volunteers carry out the garden maintenance for elderly and disabled people, and volunteers tend the Phoenix Garden at the Lansdowne Road allotments in Goole, growing fruit, vegetables and flowers.
  • Fruit and vegetables from the Phoenix Garden are sold through our Veg Bag scheme during the summer months. Participants in our Veg Bag scheme benefit from low cost fresh produce improving their diets and encouraging healthy eating habits.